Nathaniel Thise

Nathaniel Thise, Certified MAT Specialist, NASM CPT; CES, FNS. 

Nate was involved in sports and athletics throughout high school. After graduating he joined the USAF in 2003. After service he shifted his interest to the fitness community by becoming a certified personal trainer in 2007.

Throughout the years of exercise, sports and leading an active lifestyle, Nate started to succumb to the chronic aches and pains associated with over activity at the ripe old age of 23! He stated, “I felt like superman with a necklace of kryptonite wrapped around my neck!” After trying everything from physical therapy, chiropractic, naturopathic, homeopathic, acupuncture, various forms of massage, surgery, consistent forms of stretching, corrective exercise, low impact movements and off the wall modalities, all in attempt to alleviate his pain. Sadly the only consensus he could get from doctors, therapists and practitioners was “You’re too young to have these issues.”

After hearing about the tremendous success a friend had with MAT Nate quickly investigated the therapy. He ordered the self-help DVD offered through the MAT organization. Nate made more progress in two weeks then he had in two years! He quickly dropped everything and immediately enrolled in the program. He traveled cross country to Chicago and studied intensively while completing the program. He is one of only 282 Certified MAT Specialists in the country.  Nate is now the only Certified MAT specialist in Tucson. We are proud and thankful he has brought this new and exciting therapy to the community!

Official MAT Web Page of Certified MAT Specialists.

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